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Tekoe Ice Tea: the adventure continues
Let’s take the opportunity of this article to thank our loyal Tekoe Fans and Tea Addicts, which have been following us for almost 10 years: the client that takes his chai latte with a loooooot of sugar every morning, or this lady, with her rooibos after rush hour in Basel, or the ones trying something new every day, all of you confirm us that we were right in following our passion. You are the ambassadors of the Tekoe brand, and its thanks to you, that our range of products can be developed.
The last examples are our bottled ice teas: energy and pineapple. Strong of their success, we decided to extend this range. We stay true to our basic principles: high quality whole leaf tea, no refined sugar, nor conservatives or artificial color.
We tempted our chance on a market, which is full of products with to much sugar and artificial taste. The success is there, but we won’t stop now!
Our tea experts are developing new aromas. To do this, there is nothing better than a feedback of our clients!
So, which Ice Tea do you want to have in a bottle?