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Autumn news

The three new green teas and two white teas from China have just arrived and we add them to our large assortment of teas. Discover the delicate and pleasant taste of these five new teas during this fall - winter season.

Imperial Jasmine Yin Lu
Delicate and subtle Chinese green tea from Fujian (1100m altitude) flavored with jasmine flowers. Flavor is complex and long in the mouth. The shape of leafs reminds small spirals.
Zhu Ye Quing
Rare and beautiful Chinese green tea from region of Sichuan (1000-1200m altitude) with bright notes of bamboo. Very refreshing.
Song Zhen Needle
Delicate  Chinese green tea from the region of Fujian; delicate leaves with hazelnut combined with a little bittersweet nice touch and a sweet aftertaste.
Silver Needle Top Grade
White Tea from Fujian region in China. Tea of great subtlety and delicacy. Liquor velvety and soft with notes of very ripe fruit, honey and wet straw.
White Peony Top Grade
Wonderful white tea from Fujian, 800m above sea level. Spring harvest. Taste of wood, hazelnut and chestnut with a little taste of ripe fruit.