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Back to school

Tea for the Kids
After relaxing holidays, full of sun and adventure, it is time to pack the schoolbags again, to take your sandwich, your apple and your snack. And what to drink? Don’t forget that Tekoe offers a range of teas, which are perfect for kids! More taste than just water, but much healthier than soda or juice!
To sweeten the teas, always prefer honey than sugar, which contains more nutrients than white sugar.
All these teas are excellent to be drunk cold, so they are really easy to carry.
This bush from South-Africa contains no caffeine. It has a soft and honey taste, which kids love! Tekoe offers several sorts:
Rooibos vanilla
King Zulu: with strawberry and vanilla
Les bêtises de Charlotte: a beautiful tea for kids: apple, carrot, beetroot, and little sugar hearts and pigs.
Also with no caffeine: our fruity herbal teas:
Eaux de fruits: raspberry, apricot, blackberry…
Herbs of Heaven: quince and pineapple
Forest berry: forest berries, elderberry
And many more… find us on the Internet, or in our shops in Lausanne, Geneva, Basel and Bern.