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Best wishes for 2015!

This is our last article which finalizes year 2014 at our social networks. It was a remarkable and memorable year.


Thank you for those special moments you have lived with us. You have accompanied throughout the year, from beginning to end, which was more demanding than ever.


September 20th, 2014, Tekoe celebrated its 10th anniversary since its establishment. We wish to thank all of you who have participated in our various contests and follow us on Facebook, Babalatea blog and Instagram to keep update about all our events.


Thanks to you, the fans, tea lovers, the curious and those just discovering us, thanks to all our employees and partners, we have successfully achieving four new stores, including two abroad. In June, there was the opening of Tekoe in Zurich and Madrid, Spain. In September, we opened the store in Geneva train station and finally, the most beautiful of our stores, which opened its doors at the Gare de Lyon in Paris in November.


Also thank you for your patience when everything is not perfect. We apologize for a few mistakes we made. Next year, we will do better. ☺


Excellent holidays and all our best wishes for the next year!


Your Tekoe team