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China : the spring plucking

It is the harvest period of the Grands Crus, these sprind teas which are among the most famous in the world.

After months of rest during the winter, the tea trees produce beautiful leaves, soaked with flavors, essential oils and caffeine.

For the Grands Crus, only the bud and the first two leaves are picked. The teas have an infinite delicacy, releasing a perfume and a unique aroma , different from year to year , depending on weather conditions before harvest.
To celebrate the start of the harvest period, the pickers (they are only women) are dressed in traditional Chinese clothes for the first day.
The attached photos come to us directly from plantations where some Tekoe teas are growing.

The new spring teas will arrive during coming weeks. Remember to visit www.tekoe.com to be informed about what’s new in 2014!