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First on the market: Tekoe Chai Latte!

It is creamy, spicy and deliciously sweet... the Tekoe Chaï Latte is the perfect companion when you are on the road, when you feel peckish or you simply want something sweet.

It is a real infusion of Indian leaf-black tea: Masala Chaï (yes, the same you can find in all our Tea Shops) is a black tea with cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and bay).
To drink it with a lot of milk and sugar is the Indian recipe, which just recently arrived in our western countries.

The Tekoe Chaï Latte is the only bottled Chai Latte based on real tea leaves (most of them are made of syrup). Our drink is just made of 3 ingredients: the tea infusion, sugar and milk. No preservatives, taste enhancer or other additives.

An other advantage: even if you should drink it cold, it can be stored at room temperature!

Come and discover the little Tekoe green bottles in all our shops!