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Happy Easter, Dear Tea Addicts!

Easter is in a few days, and most of us decorate home and garden with colored eggs, without realy knowing why…
Here are some interesting facts about eggs !
Why are there Easter eggs?
They symbolize the resurrection (behind the shell, there is new life ) . Because it was forbidden to eat eggs during fast, the eggs that were laid during the Holy Week where boiled and colored. So one could easily distinguish them later from fresh eggs and eat them for Easter.
Why are boiled eggs sometimes so hard to peel ?
When the egg is fresh, only few air could get in between the shell and the egg. If the egg is at least 7 days old, you won’t have this problem
Why should you not eat eggs with silver spoons?
Eggs contain sulfur-containing proteins, which release hydrogen sulfide when being cooked . If you eat it with a silver spoon , the hydrogen sulfide combines with the silver edition of the spoo.. The silver spoon turns black and the egg gets a metallic taste .
Why there are brown and white eggs ?
The color depends on the chicken. Some breeds have pigments in the blood that color the eggs. There are even green eggs from the South American Araucana!