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Happy Valentine's Day

For all the people who hate Valentine's Day, and think that it is just a commercial event in order to fill the restaurant's and flower shop's pockets, you are wrong! The event really has a story, and it seems to be from the Antique.

Valentin was a roman priest, from the reign of emperor Klaus the 2nd (3 century after JC). During this time, Rome was involved in several bloody wars. Klaus the terrible, his surname, had difficulties in finding soldats for his army. He decided to forbid mariage, because he thought that women were responsible for the lack of motivation of his troops.

Despite the ban, Valentin kept celebrating mariages in secret. When Klaus the terrible came behind it, he ordered to lock him up. During his time in prison, he met the daughter of the prison guard; a young and blind woman, whom Valentin gave the sight back. Just before his decapitation, he wrote a letter to his love, and signed "your Valentin"-

Just centuries, after the fall of the roman empire, he was named a Saint, for his fight for love.