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L'été indien ou les THES INDIENS ?


 Darjeeling harvest was difficult this year due to unpredictable weather and dry in some areas. The quality of spring and summer Darjeelings 2015 were affected but also the quantities produced by some gardens. It was difficult to make a choice of the best teas, which were not in large quantities. That’s the reason why we’ve got three 2nd Flush Darjeelings this year.  


The certified organic Oaks plantation grows superb Darjeeling's every year, especially in the peak second flush.  Located near the small town of Sonada in Darjeeling district, Oaks produces approximately 100,000 kgs of Darjeeling tea every year. 

Together with several other of the small, lesser-known gardens in this small section of Darjeeling, Oaks Tea Estate maintains superb gardens that are of high repute, although only devote and connoisseurs of Darjeeling tea tend to be knowledgeable of this garden. In fact, this is the first time that we have had the pleasure of offering an Oaks Darjeeling to our customers!

Characteristic of dark brown and black leaves with a slight sprinkle of silver tips; this tea makes for a dark liquoring cup with an excellent aroma. The tea is rich in muscatel and scents of pinewood, a character often sought after in premium second flush Darjeeling's. A superb certified organic tea with robust character.


Exceptional summer tea produced in very small amount. Fully oxidized, wonderfully processed dry leaf consisting mainly of hairy tips, reminding of a scent of nuts and pickled fruits with a hint of a green cardamom. Thick and full, orange - brown in a cup with sweet spicy flavor with tones of citruses and cinnamon. Very long, pleasantly astringent aftertaste.



Amazing Darjeeling, beautiful orange-brown liquor, slightly spicy, revealing taste of citrus and cinnamon. Slight astringency and long pleasant taste at the end.

ASSAM 2ND FLUSH 2015 – DOOMNI GTFOP 1                                                                                                    

From the well-known Doomni estate, in the Baksa district in the Assam Valley in northeast India, this high grade Assam black tea has a naturally this rich and sweet flavor profile.  Located in the state of Assam on the banks of the Brahmaputra river, Doomni teas are appraised for their rich malty and aromatic characters. Doomni produces some of the finest Assam orthodox black and oolong teas. 

The stylish-looking leaves of this tea produce a deep red-colored liquor, smooth and full of flavor. The liquor is delightfully velvety, sweet, creamy, malty and topped with a mellow fruity note. Consumed plain or with a splash of milk, this black tea is quite enjoyable as a breakfast tea.