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We have just received NEW BLOOMING TEAS !! Have a look and hurry up to get them in our stores !

They are so beautiful when you infuse them. Enjoy !




Seven Angels

Sun Bridge

Tiger of Lily

Rose of Friendship


Black Tea

Red Dragon


Seven Angels  Green and white tea with the topmost leaves tied into a small ball. When infused, the ball unfurls into a lovely rosette from which emerges a beautiful white jasmine flower band. A green, soft, sophisticated flavour. Infuse for 4-10 minutes, second cup for a longer time.


Sun Bridge  High quality leaves of green and white tea have been hand-tied into a ball. When infused, the ball unfurls into a delighting rosette, from which leaves and a heart shape made from colourful flowers emerge. A bridge of jasmine flowers is formed above the rosette. A fresh, sweet, delicate and sophisticated, mellow flavour. Infuse for 4-10 minutes and enjoy an enchantigly beautiful tea experience.


Tiger of Lily  Sophisticated green tea. The topmost leaves of the tea plant have been hand-tied into a ball. When infused, the ball unfurls into glowing, beautiful orange flower surrounding a smaller red flower. A fresh green, elitist, delately, flower flavour. Infuse for 4-10 minutes. The second cup can be infused for a longer time.


Rose of Friendship A hight quality green tea. The best silvery tip buds budled into the form a flower petal. The budle opens up and revals a white camelia flower. Fresh, rich and sharpish flavour. Steep for 3-5 minutes.


Red Dragon  High quality, soft, velvety, delightfully mellow, tastes even chocolate, black (red) tea from Southern Yunnan area. The manually picked, hight-quality leaves are rolled into shape of ball. Easy to infuse also without filter. 1 ball for 2 dl of hot water for 3-5minutes or leave the leaves in the bottom of the cup.