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Oolong Tie Guan Yin 

Great classic one from the family of oolong. Floral aromas (lily of the valley and lilac), simply delicious. In the mouth remains a subtle touch of honey. Tea produced in Anxi in province of Fujian. Hand-picked green oolong.
Price : 20frs/100g


Ginhseng Oolong

Ginseng Oolong tea has a floral aroma that evokes orchid, with a slight long-lasting sweet oak spice  is accentuated by the Ginseng
Price : 17.90frs/100g


Oolong  Tie Guan Yin BIO

Wonderful Oolong from biological culture. Large Classic from the family of oolong. Tea from Anxi, in the province of Fujian. Hand-picked green oolong. Floral aromas (lily of the valley and lilac).

Price  : 28.50frs/100g


Oolong Shui Xian

This oolong is one of the most popular and favorite tea of "aficionados" in the tradition of Gong Fu. It comes from the region of Wu Yi Shan.  This oolong, which is recognizable for its wide, slightly curved blades, is a character full of delicious tea with a flowery and refreshing note.

Other names for this tea :

Wu Yi Shui Xian, Shui Hsien, Water Fairy, Water Sprite

Price : 28.50frs/100g

Oolong Huangjin Gui

Huangjin is one of the best premium oolong from China (Anxi in province of Fujian). Named after its golden-yellow leaves reveal unique delicate floral aroma that reminds osmanthus. This Oolong is only weakly oxidized, similar to the Ti Guan Yin.

Price: 22.50frs/100g

There are two legends about this tea:

Wang Legend - Legend says that this tea is originally from two seeds from an ancestral temple given from Wang Danwei to Lin Ziqin the day of their wedding. The seeds were supposed to bring prosperity of their ancestors and their united family. The tea produced by these seeds gave a single tea yellow gold and osmanthus fragrance. Therefore, this tea is often offered as a wedding gift.

Wei legend of a farmer named Wei Zhen who was walking along a creek when he noticed a golden plant on the horizon. As "tea farmer", he was curious, took a cutting and cultivated it. He was surprised when he discovered this bright golden colour tea and its beautiful osmanthus fragrance.