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One Tea for every moment

When you wake up
Many of us, instead of coffee, would rather drink strong teas to wake up the tastebuds. Like Chinese red tea, or Indian or Kenyan Blacktea. They can even be drunk with milk and sugar. Others would prefere a fresh and purifiing green tea. The higher thein content is also a good stimulator.
Yummy breaks
It’s the perfect time for flavored tea of all colors, with sweet, fruity or floral notes. For genuine tea lovers, a round oolong or pu-ehr also match perfectly.
After lunch
It is time for a light green tea : Japanese usualy drink a houjicha or Genmaicha with roasted corn an rice. A refreshing white tea also makes it.
At night
For all thein sensitive people, you’d rather have large-leafed teas, like oolongs, because their thein content is very low.
As an alternative, you can also have a rooibos or herbal teas, which contain no thein at all.