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How to explain the exodus of so many Europeans, each spring and summer, to Andalusia, the spoiled country of the continent? You've dreamed of the Costa del Sol and its white villages, its red earth and its desperately blue skies. But in Andalusia, there is not only the sun.

Unfortunately, Andalusia sabotaged much of the coast, and we can only advise to flee as soon as possible to the interior, where the images still survive. As with France Provence, Portugal Algarve with or Italy with Sicily, Andalusia turns Spain into a warm and lazy land. In a word, hospitality. This hospitality is the root of the Andalusian land. It is the image of a homogeneous population despite its multiple origins (Moors, Jews, Catholics, gypsies). Andalusia is all this and many other subtle details: the shadow of the, quiet siesta and the unleashing of fairs, processions and the fervor of the acidity of the olives. To calm this beautiful zest for life while refreshing ideas, a good solution: tapas, manzanilla and siesta ...