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Our Japanese teas are clean!

More than 18,500 people died in the tsunami that devastated the Japanese coast on March 11th 2011, The ocean has also hit the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear central, where three of the six reactors were affected, releasing radioactive material into the atmosphere. Today, the contaminated water keeps on running into the sea.

Luckily, the size if the Pacific Ocean can dilute the pollution. According to many research, the contamination of the ocean is weak (except close to the reactor), and does not pose problems to human health.
A more significant problem concerns the food chain. The products from sea and land in the Fukushima region are apparently still not good for consumption. That is why they have not been exported since the disaster.
Quality control of the Japanese government and our Swiss customs has become more stringent since there has been a risk of nuclear contamination.
All Tekoe teas are controlled by the Japanese authorities, as well as by Swiss customs and institutions of food control.
The 2013 spring teas (2014 teas are expected to arrive within a few weeks) have shown no trace of caesium or other radioactive molecules.


We are very pleased to always respect the Tekoe quality charter, and to offer only exceptional teas, showing no trace of banned or dangerous elements.