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Tea Legends

There are many legends about tea, all slightly different from one country to an other.
Let’s discover the most famous ones :
After the Chinese legend, it is 2737 before JC, that the emperor Shen Nung discovers tea
For hygienical reasons, the emperor only drank boiled water. One day, as he was relaxing under a tea tree, a slight breeze made some tea leaves fall into his boiling water
He drank the liquid, and found it deliciously refreshing and revitalizing
Even if there is no proof of Shen Nung’s existence, it is generally accepted that tea as a drink comes from this period
In India, a legend says that Prince Dharma, the third son of King Kosjuwo, had a revelation and he decided to leave his country to spread Buddha's teaching
To prove himself worthy for such a mission, he put a vow: not to sleep during his journey that should last 9 years
Towards the end of the third year, tiredness fell upon him and he threatened to fall asleep when he randomly picked leaves of a wild tea bush and chewed them.
The stimulating effect of tea instantly unfolded: Dharma‘s tiredness vanished and he the leaves gave him the strength to stay awake during the six remaining years of his mission
In Japan, the story is told differently: After three years, the exhausted Bodhi Dharma fell asleep during the service.
When he woke up he was so angry and ashamed of his weakness, that he cut of his eyelids and threw them to the ground.
A few years later he passed the same place and noticed that a shrub that he had never seen before had grown from his eyelids
He tasted its leaves and notes that they have the property to keep your eyes open.
He spread the news, and people started to cultivate tea.