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Since the opening of Tekoe store in Paris - Gare de Lyon, the French site Envouthé was fascinated by our concept and the quality of our products. Envouthé in collaboration with Tekoe created an exclusive box for members of their club. For a week, about hundred people have received the box and we have received many qualitative compliments! We are very proud!


These days many French commuters envy our customers in Switzerland who can buy our delicious products daily and enjoy it at the stations and at the airport.


We sincerely thank all our new French fans for their enthusiasm and their compliments on the quality of our teas and concept! And all our Swiss customers who visit us in the store of the Gare de Lyon.


The Tekoe box Envouthé is sold exclusively at Tekoe Gare de Lyon in Paris and on the website Envouthé. Sorry, dear fans in Switzerland! You gotta be patient for a while .... ☺!


To discover:

On the Facebook page Envouthé: https://www.facebook.com/Envouthe?fref=ts

One of the items on the bloggers box Tekoe tea: https://leblogdunetesteuse.wordpress.com/