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Tekoe is Green

Tekoe is synonym of quality, originality and flavors.
But our philosophy doesn’t stop at the creation and selling of high quality teas. We support equitable productions, in the respect of humans and nature. And for us, waste sorting is a major part of it.
Swiss communes have been introducing, little by little, the garbage-bag fee for the past year, and the system seems to be working.
2011, Geneva Airport introduced the system. Tekoe was the first brand participating, what finally brought the other stores to do the same.
And the numbers speak for themselves :
The sorting rate reached 45% at the end of 2013 :
2011            36.7%
2012            42.5%
2013            44.8%
The quantity of non-recyclable waste was lowered by 8%, with an increase of 10% of the passengers :
2011            837.1 to
2012            821.3 to
2013            770.4 to
The collection of eatable food is still fruitful, as 7 Tons of goods were collected at the airport, to be given to charity associations (progression of 33% since 2012).
Also 3 Tons of textile has been collected by Emmaüs.
More than just taking the good habit to sort your waste, it allows you to be awate of the amount of waste we are producing.


Tekoe is committed to using recycled products where it is possible, using paper bags and avoiding useless packaging