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Tekoe Madrid – SEVEN MONTHS from opening

June 2014

The 6th of June was a day « D » of opening the store. Many people made line at the door of tea lounge at Calle Huertas, they were impatient to taste the Tekoe teas for the first time in Spain.

At the end of the month, Tekoe invited his clients for a piece of theatre what was performed at tea lounge, Calle Huertas.


July 2014

Something exciting for demanding tea lovers ! At Tekoe Madrid it is possible to participate in tea tasting that will allow you to taste different teas and deepen your knowledge about it.


August 2014

Tekoe is very associated with food and so it use tea as an ingredient to prepare the pasteries or other tasty treats. Fresh and tasty for you daily !


September 2014

One of the top decoration magazines in Spain « Nuevo Estilo », Tekoe Madrid was described as one of the eleven places not to miss in Paris, London and Spain.

The same month, there was a show in Spanish TV www.elmundo.es named « Tekoe, dónde el té es religión » (translation : Tekoe, where tea is religion).


October 2014

Tekoe participated in spanish monthly activity « the market of frogs » in September and October. This market has place every first Saturday of month, the stores in cooperatinon with Barrio de las Letras, open their door and come closer to customers on the street to promote their activity.


November 2014

A large choice of teas is ready for you each season. The autumn season brings the taste of orange, cinnamon and almonds. In additioni, the store is decorated according to seasons. You feel there so good that is difficult to leave. J


December 2014

The hot beverages based on tea, in other words latte, are all the rage in Spain. The barrists from Madrid are the pro what concerns the preparation of delicious latte as the matcha, the swiss rooibos, the teapuccino and other variants. Do not forget to taste it at your next visit.