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The Five Lords Part V : Taiwan


The Five Lords Part V : Taiwan
Taiwan is an island situated in front of China, and has approximately 24 mio citizens. Also called Formosa, the island produces 22'000 tons of tea per year. The country’s speciality are semi-fermented teas (oolong), which are cultivated between 400 and 2'000 meters above sea level.
The name Oolong means Black Dragon, and comes from a Chinese legend : a farmer sees a black dragon coming out of a teabush and the leaves had wooden and chestnut taste. These teas are made of large leaves, which means that they are low in caffein.
Most of tea-lovers consider the Oolong from Formosa as the best in the world : the qualities are various, and the teas are richer than in other countries. In the northern part, the Bao Zhong is cultivated, only slightly fermented, which is close to green tea, and Bai Hao Oolong, with a stronger fermentation, full, round and very elegant.
The Center is the province of Dong Ding Oolong, it’s name coming from the mountain, meaning « frozen mist from the summits », which is a well-known delicatesse.
Tekoe offers you famous Oolong, such as Dong Ding, Blue Dragon, as well as Alishan Mountain.