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The Tekoe presents

 Just a few days left until Christmas, and it is highly probable that some of you still have some presents missing ?


At Tekoe, you will find something for every taste and every budget.


The Boxes :


A beautiful gift idea, with several different themes :


Flowers, Fruits, Classics and Pearls : a selection of flavored tees, 4 tins, 50g each

India, China, Japan : 4 teas, from one country

Christmas : the 4 seasonal teas : christmas tee, Green Christmas, Kisses from Santa and Christmas Rooibos


The accessoires : mugs, tea pots, tea for ones, tea filters and beautiful japanese iron tea pots


Tea :


For Conoisseurs : Chinese Grand Crus, like the Imperial Maojian, prestigious Japanese green teas like the Kinpucha Gold Tea or exclusive white teas.


For women : mild and flavorfull, like the delicate Japanese green teas, or fruity and bloomy herbal teas.


For men : dark teas like Pu-Erh or strong black teas like Yunnan


Visit our new e-shop, you will find the teas, the tea tins aswell as the boxes. And easy way to shop from home !