Tea, the perfect companion for your Easter chocolates

For Easter, a good chocolate-tea pairing is the perfect way to enhance the flavor of your favorite chocolates. Create a unique tasting moment by accompanying your gourmet squares with an exceptional tea.


Dark chocolate is generally more full-bodied and bitter than other types of chocolate, which means it pairs well with stronger, more robust teas. Suggested pairings:

  • Jukro
  • Golden Monkey
  • Hong Luo
  • Kenya BOP
  • Pu'erh 2004
  • Pink almond


Milk chocolate is softer and creamier than dark chocolate, which means it pairs well with milder, fruitier teas. Suggested pairings:

  • Jade Yu Oolong
  • Tibetan legend
  • Organic Hojicha green tea
  • Organic Genmaicha green tea

White chocolate is soft and creamy with hints of vanilla and milk, which means it pairs well with mild, aromatic teas. Suggested pairings:
  • Oolong Tie Guan Yin
  • Lemon balm from the Valais BIO
  • Lili's caprice
  • Earl Grey

You can discover all our chocolate-tea pairing suggestions in our online boutique.

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