Our vision

At Tekoe, we like tea under all its forms and all its flavors.

Passionate about tea, with your favorite teapot? Are you a new fan of bubble tea? Original, you like it cold, or on the contrary, conventional, you taste it at the exact degree of infusion? We have everything you need.

Just because we've been drinking tea for thousands of years doesn't mean it can't be "pop"!

In our stores or on our website, fifty shades of tea await you. We went to the four corners of the world flavors that you can enjoy to go or at home. We promote also the roomwith some infusions from the Valais. And always in the respect of the nature.

And if we want to make tea accessible to as many people as possible, we also have a whole collection of teas of origin and Grands Crus ! Small nuggets carefully selected in the tea gardens of Japan, China and India. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, you will find something to awaken your senses.