The Swiss Tea House

The Swiss Tea House

The seriously surprising tea

Swiss Herbal Tea

Infusions aux plantes suisses

Tekoe has developed a range of Swiss herbal teas from Valais 100% Organic. These infusions are either a pure plant like Verbena or Sage or a mixture of plants like "Soirée au Chalet" based on thyme and mint or a mixture of plants and flowers like "Randonnée Fleurie", based on Melissa and Calendula. We work with Mrs. Isabelle G., well known in Valais in the world of plants and organic.

The plants are hand-picked from plots on the mountainside and then dried in the traditional way. This beautiful work in a magnificent landscape brings us infusions of very high qualitý, voluminous and tasty and allows us to support the small local producers to whom we owe these riches.


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