Pu'Erh Organic

Pu'Erh tea from China*.

24.90 CHF

x 100g


Our organic Pu'erh comes from the Yunnan province and is called shou cha, which means that its maturation process lasted about 2 months.


Cooked pu'erh tea (shou cha) is a post-fermented tea. Fermentation is accelerated by moistening the tea leaves and by the combined action of microscopic fungi, yeast and bacteria. The tea leaves are placed under cover in a room with constant heat and humidity and are brewed regularly.


This stage lasts between 45 days and 2 months in order to obtain a tea of a great aromatic richness.


The traditional Sheng cha Pu'Erh has a longer maturation period. Our current batch is from 2021 and has a rich, earthy taste.


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