in the Advent Calendar

Welcome to the magical world of our Advent Calendar 2023!

24 days of extraordinary surprises awaits you, with an exceptional selection of teas and infusions to accompany you throughout the festive season. Each of these treasures has been carefully selected by our tea master to delight you.

Ideal to offer, to others or to yourself (don't forget to treat yourself!)

This year, the price of this magical gift is from only CHF 49.

Cascara Tea

On the fifth day of December, you will find in your box... a rare infusion !

This tea is a blend of Indian black teas with the addition of Cascara. In Spanish, this name means skin, hull or bark. It is the flesh of the coffee cherry dried in the sun, after the coffee bean has been removed. The Cascara then looks like dried pulp pieceslike bark or grapes.

If the bitterness of coffee makes you stick your tongue out, don't worry. Cascara doesn't taste the same at all. Since it's a berry, its fruity and sweet flavors are close to cherry, hibiscus or redcurrant, with a smoky and woody note reminiscent of the coffee tree. This tea is also more concentrated in caffeine.

Our Cascara comes from the organic coffee fields of Chanchamayo, Peru. There, on the edge of the Amazonian forest, farmers cultivate coffee on the mountainside, at 2000m of altitude.

Christmas Rooibos

On the fourteenth day of December, you will find in your box... the drink of your parties!

The reception is over, the plates have been cleared and the gifts opened, the last guests are leaving and you are still too full of energy to go to bed. No question of caffeine or theine if you want to sleep well.

It is the occasion of a delicious Rooibos infusion ! Coming from South Africa, this drink does not contain any excitant that can be found in tea.

For our Christmas Rooibos, we have accompanied the plant with sweet taste of honey, spices and caramel with gingerOrange and cinnamon. A soothing drink that will go wonderfully with your Christmas cookies, to bring you warmly to sleep.

Thé Cité d'Or

Golden Cities Tea

On the seventeenth day of December, you will find in your box... a shiny new !

Have you ever wished to see the sovereign Sun guiding your steps, in the heart of the Inca country? It is not too late! You have the unique chance to discover with this advent box this all new tea from our range.

Inspired by the flavors ofSouth America and the CaribbeanIn this blend, we find cloves, cocoa nibs, pink pepper and Tonka bean aromas.

The sweet bitterness of cocoa mixed with the smoky vanilla taste of the Tonka bean are enhanced by our Swiss lemon thyme. By the fire, with a steaming cup of Golden Cities at the edge of your lips, you may feel a little bit of the warmth of the sun child...


On the nineteenth day of December, you will find in your box... a magic powder !

Cultivated in Japan, mainly for the tea ceremony, Matcha jade color is rare... and delicious. To obtain this taste, we protect the tea plant from the sun to slow down the growth of the leaves. They remain light green, and once dried, ground between two pumice stones to give the final Matcha.

But beyond tea, Matcha is a flavor in its own right! If its brewed form isn't your favorite, you can enjoy it in moshis, pastries, ice cream, or even in a creamy bubble tea. Either way, with this calendar entry, you will be spoilt for choice.


Bubble Tea Mix and Tapioca Pearls

On Christmas Eve, you will find in your box... a drinkable delicacy !

To make your own homemade bubble tea, we've concocted a delicious recipe! All the ingredients to make our Summer Pearl recipe are provided to you.

Happy Pie Infusion, created by our tea masterThis infusion contains a blend of hibiscus, apple, pear, orange and lemon peel, peaches, candied papaya and blueberry flowers. Super thirst-quenching, this infusion will excite your taste buds with summer flavors and sweetness. To accompany this firework of flavors, we added a touch of Organic Mountain Thyme. Its slight bitterness and spicy aroma complement the acidity and sweetness.

Finally, Tapioca Pearls to be cooked and browned in syrup complete this bubble tea recipe that will make you nostalgic for the summer season

We present here only one small sample of everything to be found in our advent calendar.

Each of these surprises is an opportunity for a unique tasting experience ! And if one of these products catches your eye, you can find it for purchase in our stores or on our online store.

It is Christmas before its time at Tekoéand with our surprising infusions to warm your heart, you will spend some time with us. gourmet parties !